Jernej Kruder crushing hard in Misja pec, Slovenia

Jernej Kruder crushing hard in Mišja peč

Jernej Kruder is having a rest from bouldering competition scene, so he is crushing hard in Mišja peč for last couple of weeks. He showed us that he is not only insanely strong but he is having some endurance as well for sure. Let’s check his ticklist of last couple of days.

On 27th of December he redpointed his first 8c+ in Mišja peč: Človek ne jezi se. The route’s first part is 15 meters long and it has two hard boulder problems separated with a bad rest and a grade of 8c. After that the extension joins the route Sanje za dušo (8b+) for another 20 meters with another crux near the top.

Two days later he crushed Gorenjski šnops (8b).

New year’s eve passed and on 3rd of January he clipped the anchor of Corrida (8c) in just couple of tries.

Now he is trying hard in Xaxid hostel (9a) and in between warming up on routes like rarely repeated No fly zone (8b) or onsighting new routes like Ljubezen na prvi pogled and Šunka (both 7c+).

Way to go Jernej! BRAVO!!! Xaxid hostel is the next 😉