January 2015

Just couple of days ago Gabriele Gorobey - Sbisi sent Popolni mrk, the 8c in Mišja peč. Now just after couple of goes this year, he found himself solid on the anchor of The Core, the 8c+ in Medveja. Bolted by Andrea Polo and first ascended by Klemen Bečan back in 2011. It was repeated only by Andrea Polo and Silvio Reffo. Sbisi, a relaxed, always

In the last two sunny days Giulio Bertola from Padova (Italy) managed to quickly repeat Aria di golpe (8b+) in Medveja and La Corrida (8c) in Mišja peč. La Corrida is the first 8c for young Italian as well as his 28th birthday present. HAPPY BIRTHDAY man ;) Giulio's comment: "Yesterday I climbed an incredible line in Croatia, Aria de golpe, 8b+ and today I gave

Goran Matika aka Gogo from Pazin (Croatia) came back from New Year's holidays in Chulilla (Spain) in his best shape ever. On Sunday he was climbing with his family in Kompanj where he did the old project: the extension of Gay line to the left. The route now with name New way new life has the first 15 meters of Gay line (7c), then continues

One of the strongest Italian climbers, Silvio Reffo, visited Osp, Mišja peč, Pandora, Kompanj, Medveja and Istarske toplice during a week he spent for New Year's holidays. His biggest achievment was a repeat of Medveja's hardest route The Core, 8c+. The Core was bolted by Andrea Polo and freed by Klemen Bečan a couple of years ago. Other remarkable ascents during this week were also onsights of Kompanj's

Jernej Kruder is having a rest from bouldering competition scene, so he is crushing hard in Mišja peč for last couple of weeks. He showed us that he is not only insanely strong but he is having some endurance as well for sure. Let's check his ticklist of last couple of days. On 27th of December he redpointed his first 8c+ in Mišja peč: Človek ne jezi

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 to everybody!!! It was sunny but really cold last couple of days. At least friciton was awesome. Many climbers hitted our region for holidays. Polish climber Szymon Lodzinski had a nice holiday in Mišja peč. He redpointed in couple of goes Strelovod (8c), Missing link (8b+), Marjetica, Marionetta and Sreča vrtnice (all three 8b) and flashed Urbanova and Giljotina (both 8a). Young Italian from Liguria, 14