Happy new year, climbing Slovenia, Italy, Croatia

Happy new year

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 to everybody!!!

It was sunny but really cold last couple of days. At least friciton was awesome. Many climbers hitted our region for holidays.

Polish climber Szymon Lodzinski had a nice holiday in Mišja peč. He redpointed in couple of goes Strelovod (8c), Missing link (8b+), Marjetica, Marionetta and Sreča vrtnice (all three 8b) and flashed Urbanova and Giljotina (both 8a).

Young Italian from Liguria, 14 years old Pietro Biagini visited Osp for the first time. In Mišja peč he redpointed Mrtvaški ples (8b), onsighted Giljotina and flashed Urbanova (both 8a). He also climbed in the sector above the village of Osp where he repeated Karies (8b).

Denis Pail from Checz redpointed Gorenjski šnops (8b) and Lahko noč Irena in Mišja peč.

Also brothers Berger (Clemens and Simon) from Austria visited Mišja peč. They’ve both done Mrtvaški ples (8b). Clemens also flashed Urbanova and Chiquita (both 8a), while Simon redpointed Lahko noč Irena (the ex 8b).

There were also Croatians in Mišja peč. Ivan Pevec did his first 8b in Mišja peč, Mrtvaški ples while 13 years old girl Jani Zoraj succeseded in Samsara, the popular 8a.

Tim Unuk putted the rope in the chain of Gorenjski šnops in Mišja peč on the last day of the last year.

Rok Blagus visited Kompanj and redpointed one of the best 8b’s ever, Rainini.