8b+ flashed by Urban Primozic, Misja pec

Kaj ti je deklica 8b+ in Mišja peč flashed by Urban Primožič

Urban Primožič, World cup competitor, showed up in Mišja peč on Saturday after his winter preparation trainings and just flashed classic Kaj ti je deklica using Gašper Pintar – Pinti’s beta.

The beautiful 8b+ in the right central part of Mišja peč is almost 35 meters long and has the hardest boulder in the lower part following by a good kneebar rest and beautiful sustained climbing on tufas. After that you get another couple of hard moves on bad holds and footholds, another small rest and last crux over the lip of the roof to a techy slab finish.

The same day he also onsighted Tekila (8a) and redpointed in 2nd try Nočna kronika (8b).  Bravo Urban! Nice start of the season! 🙂

Many other slovenian competitors enjoyed sunny days in Mišja peč and did some serious training on the rock as well. Young Milan Preskar redpointed Marjetica and Mrtvaški ples (both 8b). By girls Mina Markovič sent Corto (8a), Albanski konjak (8a), Lahko noč Irena (8a+), all in one day.

In Croatian Istria Italian Carlo Giulberti flashed Champs Elysee (8a+) in the new sector of Istarske toplice, while young Croatian Vito Muževič repeated bouldery Marmots at work (8b) in Pandora and Slovenian Luka Zazvonil redpointed Rainini (8b) in Kompanj. Luka also bolted a new short line to the left of Grappaquelle in Kompanj now named Pinki ponki and graded 7a+.

Today is a bit cloudy, but the sun will come back tomorrow and it will hopefully stay for long. Concerning all the routes and sectors are totaly dry we can expect some nice news also in the next days.