March 2015

@new sector in Istarske toplice Luca Zardini - Canon has done it again! 42 years old ex World Cup competitor from the Dolomites ticked off 8c+ with The Core in Medveja in Croatian Istria. Canon worked the classic 35 meter line, one of the first of its grade in Croatia, already in the autumn and succesed this Monday. Bolted by Enrico Polo, first ascended by Klemen

Always smiling while being totally focused on climbing and training, this Slovakian climber with glasses and enormous core power turned out to be a really interesting guy to have a chat with. Stefan Bednar, born in 1990 in Slovakia, current Slovakian Lead and Boulder champion, came on Erasmus student exchange in Koper for the next 4 months. First of all he came to one of his

Urban Primožič, World cup competitor, showed up in Mišja peč on Saturday after his winter preparation trainings and just flashed classic Kaj ti je deklica using Gašper Pintar - Pinti's beta. The beautiful 8b+ in the right central part of Mišja peč is almost 35 meters long and has the hardest boulder in the lower part following by a good kneebar rest and beautiful sustained climbing

Mrtvaški ples - Dance of the death aka Danse Macabre, famous fresco painted inside Hrastovlje church back in 1490. This week the weather was great. The most repeated route was Mrtvaški ples, 8b in Mišja peč. It was climbed by Dominik Fon, Rok Blagus, Stephan Vogt and Stefan Bednar. Stephan Vogt from Germany redpointed Marjetica (8b) in Mišja peč as well. Davide Gaeta, strong climber from the Dolomites,

On Thursday the sun hit the walls and climbers started coming to the crags more and more often. So, the weekend was quite crowded in popular areas, but the hidden gems were still quite alone. The temperatures under the sun rose up, so the feeling was like the spring is fully on. Due to the good conditions many hard routes were climbed. 15 years old girl Janja