January 2016

Silvio Reffo in Sanjski par extension @ Photo by Luka Fonda Silvio Reffo, professional rock climber from Arco (Italy) crushed the famous Sanjski par extension (9a) in Tedi’s cave in the left part of Mišja peč. After some tries last year he returned this weekend to one of his beloved crags and fired the short and intense roof of Sanjski par. This was Silvio’s 10th route

Because of the renovation of the road between Sočerga and Požane they have closed the border crossing Sočerga Požane which is for climbers the main road connection between Slovenian Osp, Mišja peč and Črni kal to Croatian part of Istria where the climbing is centred around the medieval town Buzet. It will remain closed until 24th of February. For all the climbers we recommend to

Well, happy new year climbers! :) Where to start? Hmmm, the weather for the holidays was a bit strange. There was a lot of fog close to the sea, so Kompanj near Roč was the busiest crag for sure. It was the only crag above the fog on certain days, where the sun was shining and it was warm for this time of the year. So