May 2016

Katie Lambert climbing Ptičja perspektiva (8a+) in Mišja peč @ photo by Benjamin Ditto Katie’s husband Benjamin Ditto, a professional photographer, who took the fabulous photos of her climbing in Mišja peč also redpointed Kaj ti je deklica (8b+) and onsighted Zadnja skušnjava (8a), just to mention a few of them. Katie Lambert is a Yosemite based professional climbing instructor with more than 20 years of

Jernej Kruder in Baratro @ photo by Luka Fonda Jernej Kruder returned from the World bouldering cup in Innsbruck this weekend where he despite looking strong in semifinals, unfortunately finished his competition without participating in the finals again. But the next day he was already in Baratro, summer secret crag near Trieste, where in rather bad and humid conditions redpointed the power endurance challenge Attila (8c/c+). Attila

Jurica Levatić on the top of Corrida (8c) @ photo by Luka Tambača Biggest accomplishments in the last days go for sure to Italian Enrico Cassol who redpointed his first 8c, the 55 meters long monster route called Osapska pošast in the big cave of Osp. Another 8c was climbed in Mišja peč by Jurica Levatić, strong Croatian that is now living in Ljubljana. Last year he

Looks like the bad weather is going to hit Istria in the next days as well. It should start raining today and unfortunately it won't end till the Monday morning. At least this is what meteorologists say. Until now there were perfect conditions for climbing in Istria. Summer crags like the big Osp cave was totally dry, tufas in the summer sector called Befana in Buzetski

Last days the weather in Istria was quiet strange, from rain to sun, but all the time with still fresh temperatures. The hardest redpoints were mainly done in now totally dry the big cave of Osp. Luka Šorli fired his first 8b+ ever, the 55 meters long endurance testpiece Active discharge. The same route was climbed as well on the same day by Italian Enrico Cassol in