September 2016

Sendtember in Istria finally arrived! The conditions in summer climbing areas like Baratro and Skedenj got prime, also lower temps made it possible to climb again in the famous Osp and Mišja peč, plus in all the other climbing areas. Logically, with good conditons, many hard redpoints and personal records appear. Luca Bacer from Trieste gave himself best possible birthday present by redpointing his hardest route up

Almost all the latest hard-core climbing news from Istria in the last days come from the beautiful secret crag close to Sežana called Skedenj. Of course, after the whole partly dry summer the perfect conditions arrived in this spectacular cave, so also these achievements in compare to the shape of our climbers over there are no surprise at all. So what were the highlights of the

Katja Kadić, member of Slovenian Bouldering Team, redpointed Attila (8c/c+) in Italian secret spot Baratro in just five tries. Attila is about 15 meters long, really steep on mostly artificial crimps and is a pure power endurance testpiece. This is far hardest redpoint for 21 years old Katja. To make a day perfect, she finished it with clipping the chains of other two 8a+'s: Dubbio