November 2016

In the last days, the weather was really bad and it looked like it will never stop raining. Unfortunately, almost every piece of Istria outdoors got wet. There is a lake in front of the big cave of Osp and all the tufas are dripping wet. But in Istria you can always find some dry rocks and seemingly dry routes, try: Mišja peč, Buzetski kanjon, Kompanj, Pandora, Črnotiče Anyways, Istria is known

The Croatian climbing legend Igor Čorko made a first ascent of new, now the hardest route in the sunny Brseč on the east coast of Istria. Already in the spring he bolted this 50 meters long extension of the new classic named Schussler (7c+). Now he redpointed it to the top and proposed a grade of 8b. Good job, man! Another FA was done, this time

Mina Markovič, the climbing legend who doesn't need any special presentation as everyone knows her numerous achievements in the climbing scene. Yesterday she ticked another 8c, this time Strelovod in the right part of Mišja peč. Laying in serious overhang, it shares the first part of the famous 9a traverse called Martin Krpan and then escapes to the right to finish in Marjetica (8b). Maybe