July 2020

photo @ Timotej Romšak while onsighting Baram Baram (8a) in the big cave of Osp Only 15 years old Timotej Romšak onsighted his first 8b, Bitka s stalaktiti in the big cave of Osp. Member of Slovenian youth climbing team has already a month ago ticked his first 8c, Talk is cheap in neighboring Mišja peč. Last year he was 3rd in lead on the European

Seems like this summer weather allows climbers to achieve their personal bests without a problem. This weekend, only 14 years old Samo Golob sends Marjetica (8b+) in Mišja peč, his first 8b ever. Samo is a son of the first Slovenian 9a climber, Jure Golob. His father Jure is known by extreme power, non-stop laughs and of course by the first ascent of Slovenia's first

Photo @ Mina Markovič in Halupca 1979 (9a) in the big cave of Osp Great news come from the big cave of Osp, where Mina Markovič did a first female ascent of Halupca 1979 (9a). This is her second 9a after La Fabela pa la Enmieda in Spanish Santa Lynia, a couple of years ago. For a successful ascent Mina needed nothing more than just

If you are strong enough, even if it is warm and the conditions for climbing aren't prime, hard routes can go down easily. Check the examples of Timotej Romšak and Mina Markovič climbing hard in Mišja peč and in the cave of Osp in the last days, right at the start of summer when the temperatures reached around 30 ˚C. Only 15-16 years old Timotej Romšak