November 2021

Winter is coming to Istria in the next days. Last days were rainy and not so nice. But in the next days the sun and NE wind called „burja“ will arrive to Istria. „Burja“ always brings sun and chilly weather. This winter climbing conditions are perfect to climb in the sunny and wind protected climbing areas like Mišja peč, Lijak, Napoleonica, Aurisina, Costiera, Kompanj, Pandora

Photo @ Tedi's cave in the left part of Mišja peč The hardest route climbed last week was the first part of Sanjski par (8c+) in Mišja peč, redpointed by the Pole climber Mateusz Haladaj. Matusz is a 36 years old climber with two 9a+'s and many 9a's under his belt. He is currently in Osp and Mišja peč as a coach and photographer of Polish

Photos & text by Anja Bečan A little bit of history Since we started visiting Istria years ago, we have noticed many changes in the past few years. The climbing in Istria developed a lot and climbing tourism with accommodations expanded too. In the past climbers didn't know Istria as having potential for climbing. There were few places to climb. The first climbing began in 1922 on

photo @ Sara Čopar in Histerija (8c+) in Mišja peč Histerija (8c+) is a 32 meters long route in the central part of Mišja peč. It starts with an easy slab followed by beautiful climbing on tufas to a good rest on about 15 meters. Then it goes on with a hard boulder on small pinches, crimps and undercuts to another OK rest. After comes the

photo @ Eliška Adamovska in Mišja peč Czech republic team arrived in Osp last week. There is a big list of all the hard routes they have done. This year's Lead World Cup winner in Briancon, Eliška Adamovska, did Mr. Big hand (8b+) and her nemesis Missing link (8b+) in Mišja peč. In the big cave of Osp she onsighted her first 8b, the marathon challenge