Sector Krugi, Limski kanal @photo by Miha Popovič

Istrian rock climbing update

This week’s Istrian rock climbing scene has been buzzing with impressive ascents across various challenging routes and crags. Let’s delve into the highlights, starting with Mišja peč. Italian climber Stefano Carnati embarked on a few days of intensive training, resulting in remarkable achievements: a retroflash of Mrtvaški ples (8b) after 13 years, a training session on Missing drink (8b+) and Strelovod (8c), a flash/onsight of Highlander (8a+)

Noteworthy accomplishments also come from Žiga Sedej and Andraž Gregorčič, both achieving their first 8c ascent with Strelovod, while young Samo Golob adds another one with the powerful Talk is Cheap (8c).

World Cup boulderer showed up in Mišja peč as well, Slovenian Zan Lovenjak Sudar smashed Corrida (8c) on his second attempt and Uživancija (8a) on sight, both formidable long lines.

Simone Constantini redpointed crimpy Lahko noč Irena (8b), a route also done by Julian Wimmer who ticked Marioneta (8b/b+) too.

Rajko Zajc was climbing on the sun in sector Babna in Osp where he sent the classic Veper lady (8b).

Exciting news emerges from the Croatian part of Istria, featuring notable first ascents. In Limski kanal, sector Krugi witnessed Matjaž Zorko establishing Captain Morgan (8b), an old project from Čedo, a direct start to Malishan (7c+).

In Buzetski kanjon, sector Zimski saw local climber Goran Matika adding another gem with the first ascent of Spicy (8a).

Congratulations to all climbers on their remarkable achievements!

Despite less favorable weather forecasts for the upcoming days, the motivation to climb in Istria remains unwavering, offering ample opportunities for rock climbers to pursue their passion year-round.