Closed Costiera

Attention climbers: Safety concerns and updates

With the 1st of May holidays just around the corner, and climbers converging from all corners to explore the beautiful crags of Istria, it’s paramount to stay informed about recent safety concerns and updates. We’ve been diligently sharing these updates on our social media platforms over the past few days to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all climbers.

Poor quality fixed quickdraws in Mišja peč

Climbers beware! Another carabiner from the fixed quickdraws has failed at Mišja peč, this time on the route Oktoberfest (8a). The quality of fixed quickdraws in Mišja peč is alarmingly subpar, raising serious safety concerns. It’s baffling how accidents haven’t occurred more frequently. Exercise extreme caution!

Thefts reported at Mišja peč and Črni kal parking lots

Reports of break-ins into cars and vans continue to surface at the parking areas beneath Mišja peč and in Črni kal. Despite parking fees being paid at Mišja peč, thefts persist without adequate response from parking management or law enforcement. Ensure you secure your valuable belongings to prevent theft.

Wet tufas pose risks in Osp cave

Recent heavy rainfall has left the tufas within the magnificent Osp cave moist and fragile. Sadly, an incident involving a climber breaking a stalactite along the route Helikopter v omaki (8b) has occurred. We urge climbers to exercise caution and respect for the delicate environment. Climbers are urged to refrain from attempting routes on wet tufas until they have thoroughly dried. Let’s prioritize the preservation of these natural formations over hasty conquests. Each broken tufa not only diminishes the experience for future climbers but also jeopardizes route integrity.

Costiera closed for nesting birds

Climbers have been fined 200 Euros for climbing in Costiera, which is closed due to nesting birds. Information regarding the closure isn’t readily available online. A barely noticeable note should be placed at the approach to the crag to inform climbers. Until further notice, avoid Costiera to prevent fines.

Weather forecast for 1st of May holidays

Fantastic weather is forecasted for the upcoming week and the 1st of May holidays, with sunny and warm conditions expected. For an optimal climbing experience in Istria, choose shaded crags to avoid excessive heat. Additionally, refrain from climbing in the Osp cave due to recent heavy rain, which has left tufas wet and prone to breaking. Stay safe and enjoy your climbs responsibly!

Certified climbing guides

Whether you’re a seasoned climber or new to the sport, safety always comes first. If you need a refresher on safety protocols or desire personalized coaching, look no further. Our team of certified climbing guides is here to assist you every step of the way. Equipped with the latest gear and expertise, they ensure your climbing experience is not only thrilling but also safe. Book your session with us today and elevate your climbing journey to new heights.