Mišja peč

Stefano Carnati sent Xaxid hostel (9a) in Mišja peč

Stefano Carnati sent Xaxid hostel (9a) in Mišja peč. The route was first ascended by Tomasz Mrazek in 2009 and initially graded as 9a+. Stefano, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in environmental chemistry in Ljubljana, has become a regular visitor to Mišja peč lately. A month ago he already redpointed Sanjski par extension (9a).

Sharing the triumph on his Instagram, Stefano reflected on the rare ascent of: “Managed to make a rare ascent of the beautiful Xaxid hostel the other day! Although the core of the route revolves around a difficult short sequence close to the begin, keeping it together for the next 30 meters is agonizing, especially for the several risky movements higher up. And I’m glad I executed everything perfectly as planned the first time I made it through the lower sequence. I missed these long strenuous routes that gradually drain your energies! But I forgot how much better the fulfillment feels like! Especially when you make it to the top of places like Mišja peč!”

In addition to his achievement, Stefano also explored the overhanging Pandora in Croatian part of Istria, where he casually onsighted Neytiri (8a) for a warm-up, showcasing his versatility and skill.

Also Austrian Jakob Greistorfer visited Mišja peč where he made a fast ascent of Lucky Luke (8b).

Chicas were equally active, with Tina Berčič conquering the enduring classic Urbanova (8a) at Mišja peč, and Mojca Bizjak navigating through the crimpy moves of La Dottrina di Nappi Valentina (8a) in Kompanj. Bravo to all these accomplished athletes!

Special thanks goes to Proghetto Verticale Trieste ASD, whose dedicated efforts led to the replacement of all outdated, rusty anchors in sector Vedetta Italia in Napoleonica above Trieste. Their commitment to safety and maintenance is truly commendable. Thank you, Proghetto Verticale Trieste ASD, for your exceptional work!

The weather forecast for the next days looks great, sunny and cold! Perfect condis for sending your projects.