May 2015

Looks like everybody was climbing in the big cave of Osp in the last days. Conditions were good, so here are some highlights: The famous route this year in the big cave of Osp - Jure Ravnik's masterpiece Helihopter v omaki (8b) got another repeat this time by Marko Šturm. Luka Šorli redpointed the beautiful endurance test, the 55 meter long Bitka s stalaktiti (8b as well). Katarina

Stefan Bednar, 25 years old Erasmus student from Slovakia finally finished his long term project Sanjski par extension, 9a in Mišja peč. He was driving from Koper with his scooter to Mišja peč on a daily basis for 3 months till he succeeded in a fight with bad conditions. This is Stefan's first route with the grade of 9a. With crushing it he became the first Slovakian

Under guidance and mental support of Slovenian climbing legend Urh Čehovin, Luka Pavlovčič, 42 years old doctor of civil engineering, crushed his first 8b ever, Pikova dama in Mišja peč. He fell on the last hard move 4 times before clipping the chain of the 35 meters long technical endurance challenge. Bravo Luka ;) The last days there were many climbers climbing in the big Osp

On our portal ( you can from now on find in between climbing locations new feature - photo galleries from the specific crag! Check many nice photos from the photo galleries like for example: Mišja peč, The big cave in Osp, Napoleonica, Kompanj, Pandora,

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In the Spider's roof of big wall in Osp Janez Svoljšak, the Ice climbing World cup competitor, onsighted his first 8a - the first part of beautiful Active discharge. The most famous route of the cave this year is Jurij Ravnik's Helihopter v omaki. The 30 meters long, really steep and powerful 8b, that was freed last year by Klemen Bečan and later repeated by

In one of the last days of the season, Croatian Jurica Levatić, working as a computer scientist in famous Institute of Jožef Štefan in Ljubljana, Slovenia, finished his hardest route to date, Vizija 8c in Mišja peč. With that ascent he became the 3rd Croatian to redpoint 8c. You can read more on his blog! Vizija is a 30 meters long route in the central part

A couple of days ago, 13 years old Croatian girl Jani Zoraj, living in Zagreb, redpointed her first 8b - the powerful classic Mrtvaški ples in Mišja peč. For a succesful ascent she needed nothing more then two days and seven attempts. Respect! Another 13 years old girl, this time Slovenian Lučka Rakovec, living in Ljubljana, redpointed her first 8a or harder with Sonce v očeh