January 2017

Klemen Novak in Der Berg ruft (8b) in Kompanj @photo by Anže Štremfelj All around Istria local climbers were climbing hard in the last days under prime winter conditions to redpoint their projects. In the mecca of hard routes, Mišja peč, Slovenians showed up strong. Jakob Bizjak climbed the centre’s classic Sreča vrtnice (8b), Boštjan Weingerl fired crimpy Vizija (8c) and Gašper Pintar onsighted the beautiful second

A thin layer of snow decorated the top of Karst edge and super strong bora wind was moving trash bins on the streets and tree branches in the last days in Istria. It's been blowing up to 160 kilometres per hour. The Bora is a northern to north-eastern wind characteristic for the Adriatic region. The wind is an integral feature of Slovenia's Vipava Valley and, to

photo @ The view from RockNRoč New Year passed but still many rockstars remained in Istria due to the sunny, chilly and windy weather, bringing sometimes the best friction to your fingers and then just couple of minutes later leaving you with totally numb fingers. But still, plenty of hard stuff has been climbed lately, really a lot…. In Medveja, Andrea Polo made a first ascent of

Barbara Raudner in Venga Vecchio (8a) in Medveja @ photo by Hannes Raudner Hiebler Magnificent weather attracted many climbers to Istrian crags and many hard crushes were done during the new year's holidays. So many rockstars at the moment in Istria that is in fact really hard to follow all at the same time. The best bouldering couple of the world was celebrating the New Year in