May 2017

Photo @ Luka Šorli on the last big rest of Osapska pošast (8c) in the big cave of Osp The biggest news from the last days comes from Luka Šorli who is in his lifetime shape. On Sunday, he crushed his first 8c, the 55 meters beast named Osapska pošast in the big cave of Osp. He tried it a bit already last year after succeeding in

Photo @ The view from the big cave of Osp Seems like Jakob Bizjak alias Bizi is in full shape. Just in three days he did two different 8c's. First, he crushed the famous Strelovod (8c) in the right part of Mišja peč in just 8 tries. Strelovod is a connection of the first part of Martin Krpan (9a) till it joins and finishes on Marjetica (8b).

17 years old Polish competitor, Ida Kups visited Mišja peč where in a couple of days flashed Chiquita (8a) and Hugo (7c). She also did Samsara (8a) on her second go, then she continued for another 20 meters of the extension named Izgubljeni sin (8a+) and yeah, she onsighted the secont part. Well done! Young Italian Luca Bacer redpointed another 8c, this time Corrida (8c) in

photo @ the view towards the gulf of Trieste from the scenic Val Rosandra Like always for Easter holidays and the 1st of May in Istria was full of climbers. The most popular climbing areas were overcrowded and many hard routes were climbed everywhere. Where to start? Slovenian Miha Pančur redpointed his first 8c, Osapski pajek in sector above the village of Osp. There Rok Blagus did an