Jure Piršič in Costiera @ photo by Suzana Uršič

New FA in Costiera, Gratton pour homme (8b) by Jure Piršič

Jure Piršič recently made a first ascent in Costiera, successfully clipped the chains of the long-standing project, Gratton pour homme. This vertical slab route spans approximately 15 meters, featuring delicate climbing on small holds and even smaller footholds. The proposed grade for the route is around 8b. Translated to English, Gratton pour homme means “perfume for men.” It now stands as the most challenging route in the picturesque Costiera, overlooking Trieste Bay. Congratulations, Jure!

In the Croatian part of Istria, specifically in the beautiful Kompanj, Matevž Štular accomplished an onsight of his first 8a, La dottrina di Nappi Valentina. While some may argue it might be a bit soft for the grade, the significance of it being his first 8a outweighs all else.

Moving on to Slovenia, in Osp at sector Babna, Eva Dana Vidmar successfully completed another 8a, this time conquering the amazing Zadnja skušnjava. A bit to the right, in Mišja peč, the young Tina Brnot Mrak redpointed the crimpy Caffe espresso (8a+). Check the video of her ascent here.

Another youngster, 15 years old Jan Štipek from Czech republic made an outstanding ticklist. In Mišja peč, he climbed the powerful Talk is cheap (8c), along with bouldery routes such as Ninja želva (8b+) and the classic Missing link (8b+) on his second attempt. Additionally, he successfully tackled Mrtvaški ples and Lahko noč Irena, both graded at 8b. In Buzetski kanjon, in sector Pengari, he flashed La petarda (8a+).

Congratulations to these remarkable individuals! Keep on rocking! 🙂

However, on a more somber note, we have unfortunate news to report. WARNING! There have been several break-ins reported in cars and vans at the parking lot of Mišja peč, as well as the lower parking lot of Črni kal. Thieves are specifically targeting money, so it is strongly advisable to remove all valuable belongings from your vehicles. We hope the police will apprehend them soon. Take care!