Author: Klemen Vodlan

Domen Škofic returned from his winter holidays in Catalonia (Spain), where he sent a remarkable number of hard routes in Santy Linya and Siurana. He visited Istria in the last days, more specific the wonderful crag of Medveja, hardcore sector Knezgrad. There he succeeded in the classic route called The Core (8c+) in just a couple of goes. The route was bolted by Andrea Polo

After his first 9a a couple of weeks ago, Halupca 1979 in the big cave of Osp, Matjaž Zorko continues his rampage over there. This time he did the rare ascent of Working Leon (8c), which consists of a start in Working class hero (8b+), hard crux of the route and a finish in Leon (8b). He also made a retro onsight of 55 meters

Looks like the new year of 2022 started just great for all the climbers in Istria. First snow in the inlands and then many sunny days attracted climbers from all over to get our climbing areas even crowded somewhere. It is hard to start what was climbed in the last days as there are so many hard sends from everywhere. The hardest route was climbed by Spaniard

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022 to all of you climbers! We wish you a healthy and injury free year, full of prime conditions for climbing, with lots of fun. May it bring a bunch of hard onsights, flashes and redpoints. In Istria, Christmas and New Year passed with great conditions for climbing. Sun, clear skies and wind made it possible for many routes by many

Photo @ Mišja peč Last days in Istria were awesome. During the week it was nice but weekends were crowded as everybody escaped the fog, snow and cold in the cities around. Rok Blagus did probably the longest route in Mišja peč, Bastilla (8b+). Bastilla was first ascended by Marko Lukič back in 1997. The first part Giljotina is a powerful 8a, then you have a no

Photo @ inside Plus climbing boulder wall World Cup Lead climbing will take place for the first time in Koper on 02.-03. September 2022 on a brand new wall owned by Plus climbing. The outside climbing wall is still under construction but we are already super excited to see this climbing spectacle with the best climbers from all over the world in our region. All the

Maja Oleksy on the crux of Lahko noč Irena (8b) in Mišja peč @photo by Mateusz Haladaj Seems like mainly local climbers from Slovenia succeeded last week in the hard routes around Mišja peč and the cave of Osp. Enej Novak redpointed his first 8c ever by clipping the chains of powerful classic Talk is cheap in the left part of Mišja peč. Jaka Šprah and Matjaž Zorko

Winter is coming to Istria in the next days. Last days were rainy and not so nice. But in the next days the sun and NE wind called „burja“ will arrive to Istria. „Burja“ always brings sun and chilly weather. This winter climbing conditions are perfect to climb in the sunny and wind protected climbing areas like Mišja peč, Lijak, Napoleonica, Aurisina, Costiera, Kompanj, Pandora

Photo @ Tedi's cave in the left part of Mišja peč The hardest route climbed last week was the first part of Sanjski par (8c+) in Mišja peč, redpointed by the Pole climber Mateusz Haladaj. Matusz is a 36 years old climber with two 9a+'s and many 9a's under his belt. He is currently in Osp and Mišja peč as a coach and photographer of Polish